31 August 2012 @ 13:58
Yeah! It's done and it look's so good. I'm so very happy.
While I was painting the first layer I got really frightened. It looked harrowing. Sometimes it was brighter, sometimes darker and I really asked myself why I started that project.
Next day I overcoated everything and I felt relieved.
Take a look:


The next days I spent with repair work. A very time consuming work but it looks complete now. Now I have to decorate the hall again and we really have to attach a ceiling lamp - but that's another story.
27 August 2012 @ 16:57
Before I started to colour the whole wall I tested the blue painting at an unflashy place. And my fears were realised: it would be better to prepaint the walls first.

Phew! More work. But It's done.

It looks so different now. Awesome.
And now I'll start to paint it blue.
23 August 2012 @ 19:27
The ceiling is ready. That was quite easy and no problem.
I thouht it would be nice to lengthen the ceiling optically. And yes, it looks nice. The only thing I had to fight with was the wallpaper. It has some kind of rubber coating and it's annoying to paint it. I had to paint it 3 (!) times until the colour covered everything.
Whatever. I like the result.

And I've already bought the blue colour. So the show must go on.
21 August 2012 @ 10:57
Since we moved in our little flat we gave our attention to every room. Except to the hallway. *shame*
Now I have enough time to care about.

As we moved in, we could carry over the flooring and the wallpapers. That was great, because we saved time and money, and (I think that's the best fact of all) we don't need to renovate when we want to move out.
For me that's my grand opportunity to try out a different look for the hallway.

But some things have to stay as they are: the ceiling, doors and the doorframes have to stay white and the wall cabinet should stay black. Aditionally I don't want to line a new flooring.

So I have 3 colours fixed and I believe that a deep blue would match great. So I dove to the hardware store and bought a bucket full of paint.

hall colours

I'll start to refresh the ceiling first. Right now.

25 May 2012 @ 23:38
spring is still there and brings spring cleaning along. I've already wiped away the winterblues and prettyfied my home. I bought a new doormat (i never thought i would ever do that ;)) and made a plan to renew the corridor. And I've sewn simple pillowcases for the sofa. Everything went well and so I made a tutorial for you.
Here we go!

easy pillowcase

You'll need:
• fabric
• scissors
• a pillow
• yarn

measure the pillow, transfer the measures to the fabric and extend the lengthens by a 1 ½.
If your pillow is (for example) 60cm x 40cm you'll need a 150cm x 40 cm long piece of fabric.
Before you cut it out you have to mark the saem allowances, too.
1 cm will be enough, but one of the short sides should get a 2 cm long seam allowance.

Turn the seam allowance on the short sides over and sew it up. Then turn the fabric around and fold the sides one above the other. 

Sew the sides together and that's all.
Now you can turn the inside out and stuff the Pillow into the case.

23 March 2012 @ 23:09
Easter is near and so there's no surprise that i've spotted a contest related to bunnies. I'm sure that you know (or even heard about) Spoonflower. The German counterpart is called stoff'n and that's where you'll find my fabrics.
But before you can vote for the fabrics you have to register (free).
The contest is open until 31st of March.
Enough talk. Let's get a look.

I've designed two different versions. The first pattern shows litte blue bunnies. I think it will be perfect for kid's stuff. I really like the colours and circular shapes formed by the bunnies. Just click on the bunnies to get a pattern preview.

For my second pattern I've scetched different rabbits and added them together. It's a black and white patternn and i like the idea that you could colour in it afterwards, if you want to.

I had fun making these pattern. I hope you like them and I would be pleased if you'll vote for them.